• Do you need a job but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you feel you got the right skills to get a job, but you fail in your job search?
  • Have you had enough of rejections or failed the interview for your dream job?
  • Is your CV missing something?
  • Have you worked for many years in a certain industry, need a change, but don’t know how to?
  • Is your network weak?


I’ll Get That Job! is the answer to your problems!

I’ll Get That Job! is the first book featuring advice from real HR professionals, headhunters, and team managers, experts in the recruitment process.

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While shedding light on the many myths and outdated “rules” that may actually bog you down in today’s job-seeking experience, I’ll Get That Job! serves as a source of motivation and encouragement for modern job hunters.

If you really hope to ace that interview and be considered for the job you really dream of, I’ll Get That Job! you’ll need the right skills to get ahead of the crowd and shine!

How do you write an effective CV? How long does it have to be? What skills shall you highlight and what should be deleted? I’ll Get That Job! will tell you exactly what to do!

How do you network with people? What is the hidden job market and how do you access it? I’ll Get That Job! will reveal you the secrets!

Featuring advice from real HR professionals, headhunters, and team managers, I’ll Get That Job! is the essential job-hunting companion that will let you know exactly what you need to do to increase your chances, from social media presence to writing a great CV and conducting a successful interviews.

What are the to-dos and what are the no-nos in looking for a job? This book will give you the answers!  


Selected Quotes

I changed my CV and interviewing style and have had 2 job offers in the last month! Definitely recommend”.

…this book really gave me the drive to look for something better and made me realise the mistakes (which aren’t obvious) I had previously been making. I’m delighted to say I succeeded and now have a much better job, and it can only be down to this book”.

Wise words from clearly an astute man. I am currently at a dead-end job and believe these words will help and motivate me in getting a new job that will benefit me both financially and spiritually”.

The ample practical tips drawn from industry insiders through informational interviews provide readers a real-world understanding of the job-hunting process in the current economic situation”.

About the Author

Paolo Casamassima has worked as a manager in various capacities since the age of twenty-five, leading large groups of people and organizations all over the world. A graduate of LUISS University in Rome, where he studied Political Sciences and International Relations, he went on to earn an international MBA from Valencia University and an MA in global business from Westminster University.

Paolo Casamassima is married with three children, and he is currently employed within the financial sector and Investor Relations as Head of Global Market Intelligence. He also works as a mentor for MA and MBA students at London’s Westminster University.

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